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A-Way Therapy explaing reset sequence

Master your Energy

Qigong is rooted in a deep understanding of the way illness, lack of energy and unhelpful emotional/mental states arise and the natural way the human mind and body can heal itself. It teaches us how to generate and manage our energy more usefully to help overcome illness or unhelpful states, and can also lead to a greater enjoyment of life. Ideal for those who want to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster

The Way of Shaolin

Training genuine Shaolin Kung Fu goes beyond the practice of form and movement, teaching you how to develop and manage your energy, for good health, less stress, a clearer mind and deep joy. As a martial art you will learn how to defend yourself, helping you avoid conflict and deal with stressful and challenging situations with confidence and calmness. A Zen approach to training mind, body, energy and spirit.


The Path of Taijiquan

More than a gentle dance... Taijiquan is a genuine martial art for good health, increased performance and spiritual development. It is more suitable than most other martial arts for character development, as the very nature of its training, with its emphasis on gracefulness, gentleness, and harmonious energy flow, is intrinsic to the development of mental freshness and cosmic harmony.

A-Way Therapy releasing neck and spine

- Wellbeing -
A-Way Therapy

Overcome Pain and Illness. Manage your Energy Levels. Be Free of Stress and Anxiety. Wake up your Healing Systems.
One of the big shifts in being free from health issues, conditions, stress and worry is learning how to manage your energy and support your own natural healing systems.
In addition to the therapy work we do, A-Way Therapy teaches you how to better help yourself, putting you back in the driving seat of your health and wellbeing.

A-Way Therapy Zen Yoga Breathing

- Yoga -
Zen Yoga

The exercises in Zen yoga are designed to release held tensions (that can lead to illness, blockages, stress and pain), open and unblock the body in preparation for sitting meditation. They help develop a deeper awareness of the body, and as an opportunity to practice “becoming one” with what’s happening in the moment.

Zen Yoga -supplied by samuel-austin-438854-unsplash

- Meditation -
Zen Training

Zen is the highest form of Shaolin Arts and leads to enlightenment.

"You need not wait to live your life fully in the future; you live your life fully now. This is Zen, an essential aspect of our Shaolin training".
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Try a class for Free...

We appreciate that starting a new thing can be a big deal.
We also know that no amount of words do the practice justice.
So the best way to know if this is for you is to try it out!

It is always uplifting and enlightening with Tim’s classes. I have started a course of Qi Gong and Kung at Waltham House Studios in Bognor yesterday evening, and loved it. Can’t wait for next Monday.

Very friendly group and excellent instruction from Tim, left feeling energised and woke up this morning with a clear mind and body lacking the aches and pains which have built up over the past few months. Really looking forward to going again next week and learning more.

Future in the Making...

The Cause of Health -
Your Practical Guide of Collective Wisdom for a Healthy, Successful & Enriching Life

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

From the outside it could appear that our health system has failed us, when considering the increase in diseases, illness and escalating costs. However, it’s not that simple.

As a therapist working in the field of mind/body/energy medicine, I am fascinated about health, particularly:

  • Why it is that some people develop health related conditions
  • Why some people recover, where as others don’t bounce back
  • Why various therapeutic or traditional health modalities don’t always work for all people
  • Why some people are much more resilient against falling ill or suffering from stress related illness in the first place
  • What practical, everyday steps, methods or interventions anyone can use to improve health

I believe it is not the lack of health information and knowledge out there that is the problem, but our failure to successfully and consistently apply the collective wisdom that is available to us.

If we are going to change this situation around, not just for us, but for our future generations, then something needs to shift... and I have a vision of what the future of health will look like.

To be part of this vision and learn more about the project fill out your details.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Our aim to continue to preserve and pass on the legacy of genuine arts as taught by our Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Zen Arts is the local school in Bognor Regis for Shaolin Wahnam, teaching Internal Shaolin and Wudang Arts, including Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan, Qigong and Zen. ’Internal' means you learn and practice at the level of Jing (body), Chi (energy) and Shen (Mind) - The triple unity. If your training lacks any one of these components then your practice is incomplete.

In practicing these traditional arts we experience the many benefits reported in the ‘classics’, such as increased energy, clearer mind, overcoming of illnesses, better health, resilience, peace of mind and a greater connection with the world around us.

Sifu Tim Franklin

Sifu Tim and Sifu Wong Kiew Kit Happy Qi Gong

I am a direct student of Sifu Wong (Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit) and official instructor of Shaolin Wahnam, having trained in the Shaolin Arts since 2002. My initial introduction to martial art though was more than 35 years ago. As a child I was fascinated by how the masters were so healthy, vibrant with energy, courageous yet humble and also kind and helpful to others.

Since then I have trained in a number of systems and styles, most directly from Sifu Wong, including: Shaolin Five Animal, Choy Li Fatt, Choe Family Wing Choon, Drunken Eight Immortals, Taijiquan, Xingyi, weapons and the Cotton Art. In 2018 it was a great honor to have been awarded position Wu Fat – (lineage holder) of Cotton Palm Art.

Since 1999 I have been helping people overcome pain, illness and blockages with therapy and subsequently Shaolin Arts. From 2004 I have been running regular classes and workshops teaching Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong. From 2018, in addition to Zen Yoga classes, I have been running focused health and wellbeing workshops and talks, passing on the methods I have learnt and use, known as collectively as A-Way Therapy.

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