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Due to Covid-19 and the government advise, the New Park Centre in Chichester will be closed to the public as from Friday 20th March 2020.

The good news is that you can still benefit from the wonderful classes we teach! In light of the current situation, I am offering online classes.

My aim to continue supporting your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing throughout these challenging times.

Sifu Tim Franklin

A-Way Health & Wellbeing

Online 1 hr
  • A Therapeutic Approach to Mind, Movement & Wellbeing
  • Monday
  • 18.30 - 19.30
  • Release tension, improve your alignment, posture, movement, energy levels and resilience to live life more in the flow.

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong

Online 1hr
  • A Mind, Body, Energy Practice to Enhance your Health & Wellbeing
  • Monday
  • 19.50 - 20.50
  • Overcome illness, pain & improve your mobility, flexibility, energy levels & experience real inner joy

Shaolin Kung Fu

Online 1hr
  • Internal Martial Arts for Self-Defense, Life Enhancment & Success
  • Tuesday
  • 19.15 - 20.15
  • Effective & Enjoyable Martial Arts Training Giving you Complete Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic & Spritual Health

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£60 per 4 weeks for all classes or £10 per class drop in (online).
  • Unlimited Classes Online for 4-weeks

Student Discount & Limited Incomes

£40 ONLY Per 4 Weeks / Any Classes Online
  • Want to train but having a difficult financial period? Then get in touch and we can chat about how I can help you.

I have learned so much from my Chi Kung [Qigong] classes, my life has been transformed from a stressed getting old person with palpitations and aches and pains to a healthy pretty calm woman who enjoys life much more.
Dr F De Zulueta


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It is always uplifting and enlightening with Tim’s classes. I have started a course of Qi Gong and Kung at Waltham House Studios in Bognor yesterday evening, and loved it. Can’t wait for next Monday.

Really enjoyed my first class for 2019 with ZenArts @ Waltham House Studios last night. I went to the Qigong and Kungfu sessions. Very friendly group and excellent instruction from Tim, left feeling energised and woke up this morning with a clear mind and body lacking the aches and pains which have built up over the past few months. Really looking forward to going again next week and learning more.

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ZenArts Kung Fu, Qigong, Self-Defense and Meditation at The New Dojo, New Park Centre in Chichester

Prefer one-to-one training or therapy, I offer private online sessions:
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