"Our simple principle for therapy is to put good health back in the hands of the person we are treating. This often means passing on techniques and skills to maintain and increase health (and happiness) as well as treating the person, as a whole. This approach works well for people who have suffered trauma, shock, have unexplained symptoms or a difficulty overcoming an illness or persistent pain."

Being Free from Pain and Illness

Overcoming illness, pain or ‘stuckness’ is a step or stage to living a healthier, happier and more coherent life. Beyond being free from the things that hold us back is the ability to increase our energy levels, to help fuel our daily life, activities and interests. This can be like the difference of experiencing ‘feeling good’ to experiencing ‘feeling even better’ and staying well.

Having Skills to Make a Difference

Increased energy, clarity of mind and the feeling of ‘ok’ness’ are not restricted to elite athletes, sports people and business executives. Even though the therapy/s and arts we offer can enhance this aspect of life. 


On an everyday level it’s good to feel good or ok, to recognize the things that get in the way of this and have the skills to make a difference.

Restoring Health

All the therapies and systems we offer work to – restore health and wellbeing by waking up our own natural healing process, letting go of the blockers that get in the way and encouraging a harmonious flow of energy. In our experience, once energy flows harmoniously ill health, pain and ‘stuckness’ is no longer present. Once health is restored we can help to maintain a continuous, uninterrupted, harmonious flow, in everything you do.

Science and Understanding

It is reassuring to know that modern science (Epigenetics, Neuro Feedback) has also come to recognize that the environment changes who you are, as does your response to that environment. This affects two fundamental things; your health at every level and the way you relate to yourself and the world. This is also something that the Zen, Taoist and Shaolin systems have known for centuries. Actually, they hold the key to making practical use of this understanding. We use this approach, in combination with the treatments we offer, leading to positive internal changes.

Working beyond illness and symptoms

When you come to see us we won’t be focusing on your illness or symptom. It’s not that we ignore what you are experiencing, it’s just we don’t look to diagnose or label anything. Instead, we take into consideration all aspects of you, so you can be happy, healthy and have lots of energy, have a clear and incisive mind and be able to perform well at anything you do, anywhere. This can be considered as an obviously useful set of skills.  
This is why our simple principle for therapy is to put good health back in the hands of the person we are treating.

Available Therapies

A-Way Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Qigong Healing, Massage, Zero Balancing.

Our skill is in applying the appropriate therapy(s) for the client we are working with, to minimise the amount of treatments/sessions needed. The therapy/s we use help shift the unhelpful underlying cause, not just the symptom. As part of this we also recommend the person practice the art of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong to stay well. (What we teach)

Health and Wellbeing

"When our senses become muffled we no longer feel fully alive. How can we learn to integrate our ordinary sensory experiences so we can live with 
the natural flow of feeling and feel secure
 and complete in our bodies?"

Bessel Van Der Kolk, in
'The Body Keeps the Score’

Breaking an Unhelpful Spiral

Being Free from Pain and Illness

People who practice these arts stay well – physically, emotionally and mentally. Our experience is that the niggly little physical problems like colds, stomach bugs and headaches just don’t stick. Also, we know that emotional stress leads to tension in the body and prolonged stress can lead to a depleted immune system, poor health and low moods. Difficult thoughts, images, memories, even old traumas can also feed these difficulties. Practicing Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung helps break that unhelpful spiral, releasing the things that lead back into illness or stop people moving forwards. In simple terms, people maintain and improve their health and happiness.

A Healthy Resilience

We all know we are happier when we feel energized and bother ourselves less about things. It also means we are more resistant to stress and illness. Western science is catching up with these simple facts that people have always known about themselves.

Our experience in meditation, martial, energy, therapeutic and spiritual arts has shown us they all have a single basic focus – to improve the overall quality of life. Sometimes that basic fact can get lost – if the thing that someone is practicing isn’t improving the overall quality of life it is missing the point. We help you stay on track.

Many people suffer from pain and discomfort, often leading to struggles in life, illness and depression. Often the tensions that lead to pain and illness can be overcome with simple exercises and awareness of unnecessary tension. Many people delay receiving therapy or find it challenging to seek help. My sister, shown in this video, is no exception. After many years suffering from pain and lack of mobility she sought treatment. And I'm glad she did. Sometimes it is hard to seek help from family, let alone a therapist.

Treatment/ Sessions

Depending on the need of the client a therapy session will usually last between ½ hour to 1 hour. The cost per ½ hour is £60.

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