Shaolin Kung Fu

An internal art - cultivating mind, body, energy, spirit


There are many benefits to practicing an internal martial art that includes form, application, energy, mind and cultivation into one practice. Learn Shaolin Kung Fu for better health, increased energy, mental clarity and inner peace.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

A series of interviews with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is the fourth generation successor of the Venerable Master Jiang Nan of the famous Chinese Shaolin Temple and Grandmaster of the Shaolin WahNam Institute. He was honoured at the 2nd World Qigong Congress for his publications: "Shaolin Chi Kung, an answer to incurable disease" and "Shaolin Chi Kung for stress management and peak performance".

Practicing high level Qi Gong

An interview with Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.
He explains a number of things about Shaolin Cosmos Qi Gong (Chi Kung):

the difference between Qi Gong and physical exercise
what 'high-level’ Qi Gong means
the benefits of practising an art that works at the physical, energy and mind levels.

Qi Gong & “Incurable" Diseases

An interview with Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. He explains the Qi Gong (Chi Kung) perspective of conditions that in western medical terms are considered "incurable" and how Chi Kung can help overcome these conditions.

How Qi Gong effects the world

A message from Sifu Wong Kiew Kit about the benefits of practising Qi Gong (Chi Kung) - the effects it can have on your life and the knock-on effects on the world in general

How Qi Gong helps meditation

More wisdom and playfulness as Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit talks about the differences between techniques and principles of meditation and how Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung can help people who are having difficulty with meditation. 

Overcoming chronic pain with Shaolin Chi Kung

How Chi Kung exercises can help treat chronic pain of all kinds and enable people to return to a pain free life.


In preparation for the 2016 UK Summer Camp in Guildford with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit I have put together a series of videos sharing my training, including thoughts and reflections on training Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan and Qi Gong.

Full length video of day 1 of 30days Shaolin Training. Including Shaolin stance training, QiGong, 1 Finger Shooting Zen and combat sequence 1.

This video is about 30DaysShaolin - day 1. Including Chi Kung, Stance Training, 1 Finger Shooting Zen and developing Internal Force.

30DaysShaolin - day 2. Entering the way, developing internal force, 1 Finger Shooting Zen, flexibility and combat patterns.

Shaolin training mistakes and how to avoid them. Shaolin Arts are meant to enhance our life, not destroy it.

Building internal force doesn’t have to take years, like it did in the past. If you know the methods you can build Chi quickly.

The methods of developing Chi flow is quite simple. Of course generating an energy is a skill, so one needs to practice the simple steps.

Qi Gong is the art of energy. In addition to increasing energy levels the exercises can be used to increase flexibility and mobility. 

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) can be used for many things, such as: Clearing illness or pain, Increasing energy levels, Enhancing martial ability & Application to daily living.

The Shaolin combat sequences can be used to increase speed, fluidity, stamina and force. In this practice I focus on developing internal force with combat sequence 1 & 2.

Rich in techniques and methods for Building Internal Force and Chi Flow the Shaolin Arts contribute to better health, increased energy and inner peace.

Developing speed in Shaolin Kung Fu is a result of knowing your form, practicing your form, relaxing in your form and letting your Chi flow.

Developing internal force (Chi training) in Shaolin Kung Fu comes as a result of daily practice. It is this that develops the all important skills and benefits.

One of the benefits of practicing Kung Fu is developing the skills to remain calm under pressure... whatever the circumstance.

Successful felling/throws does not depend on size or strength. Using strength is discouraged. Instead the person uses spacing, timing, good technique, internal force and relaxation.

Can a person train Shaolin Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Taijiquan? Yes, they are all types of energy arts and can be used to develop chi, body, mind/spirit. Intention and focus play their part, as does you level of skill in using energy.

Training the same or similar things everyday might not make the most exciting videos. But they do build a strong foundation. And that is what is important.

The past masters knew the importance of maintaining a relaxed state of being, not using physical strength and how to channel their energy. 

There are many styles of Kung Fu. These can be categorized as 4 types...

Applying and deeping the fundamental skills of Chi Kung.

The Happy Bird Hops Up Tree is the Shaolin Side kick. An effective and fast kick that works well as a surprise counter as well as an attack.

Wu Wei is often misunderstood as 'Do nothing and everything will be done for you." Which doesn't make much sense. The follwoing video explains the concept clearly.

Letting go is a very important requirement in chi kung training. In other words, if a person cannot let go, he cannot train chi kung.


Much of Chi Kung can be missed by the untrained eye. Or by someone who only practices the outward form. This means missing out on the benefits too.

It's easy to put too much effort into an attack or defence, and use physical strength instead of internal force. Once realised you can use flowing force instead. It then becomes effortless.

As the students progress with developing skills with the Shaolin Kicks they learn how to 'Ask the Way', use a Bridge and strike before the kick, as well as the defence. All part of the foundation training of Kung Fu.

Part of the foundation training for Kung Fu is stance work, moving in stances, 1 Finger Shooting Zen, hand forms and kicks. All work to develop internal force, balance, fluidity. The Shaolin Poles offer an excellent training aid.

The originator of Taijiquan, Zhang San Feng, was a genius combining Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Meditation into 1 practice. We consider ourselves very lucky to practice this way. Not only do we get the benefits, it also speeds up development.

Shaolin Tiger Claw Training. After experiencing my Sifu's legendary Tiger Claw power many years ago it became part of my foundation training. This is part 1.

Taijiquan isn't always soft and slow, it is a martial art. After just a few minutes practice Maria is able to apply her sequence effectively in combat.

The Kung Fu course UK Summer Camp with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit features 4 styles of Kung Fu: Lohan Kung Fu, Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan. In this video the students are practicing a pattern 'Dodgem extend arm' from the Taijiquan sequence.

Students practicing the pattern 'Separate Dragon Technique' and 'White Snake Shoots Venom' from the Taijiquan combat set for the UK Summer Camp in Guildford

Green Dragon Shoots Pearl is a simple yet very effectice strike from Taijiquan. Getting it right can be great fun, as in tonights lesson.

Shaolin Tiger Claw Training. After experiencing my Sifu's legendary Tiger Claw power many years ago it became part of my foundation training. This is part 2, training Single Tiger Emerges from Cave.

Shaolin Tiger Claw is considered a compassionate pattern to use. It can be used to subdue instead of maming. This is part 3, training an alternative to Single Tiger Emerges from Cave - White Tiger Charges at Face.

Shaolin Tiger Claw has many applications. Here the pattern White Tiger Presents Claws is used to catch a strike and subdue the attacker.

The Shaolin Tiger Claw does not require external strength for it to be effective. By using internal force, developed through practice, the attacker can be subdued with little effort.

Practicing Chi Kung, as a high level energy art, is naturally rewarding. To get the benefits of the art a practitioner needs to learn two very important skills (as explained in this video). If they don't get these skills they will only get the benefits of a gentle physical exercise. Which is pity.

Tiger claw can be very effective against kicks. At first it could appear I am vulnerable going so low, when in fact it is the kicker who is at risk.

Internal Tiger Claw training differs from external training. It is unlimited by size or gender. Rather than lock the energy in, as external training can do, internal training increases energy levels and flow. Resulting in more benefits.

Training the foundations is important, especially for a beginner. This part of the lesson focusses on a mid level strike - Black Tiger Steals Heart.

Chi Kung has unlimited potential in development. Sometimes though, people struggle with certain things in life that makes training challenging. This answers - How to overcome these challenges...

We often talk about the benefits of training the Shaolin and Wudang arts. Sometimes though practitioners reach what they consider a plateau, or period on no perceived development. Others may deviate in their training, causing harm. What is the difference? And how to avoid it?

Our Sifu gave us the treasures of Shaolin right at the start. There is a small naration at the start if this video, followed by 1 continuous training session without narration. In this video I return to the treasures so generously passed to us, for that I am very grateful.