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Train like a  Kung Fu Master

Are you ready to take the challenge...

Can you relax in the Golden Bridge Horse Stance for just 5-Minutes?

To succeed in Shaolin Kung Fu comes down to one thing...
This vital aspect of the training is the key to developing internal force.

The question is...
Do you have what it takes to train the foremost martial art ever developed?

If you are ready to walk the path of the master and take the challenge to sit in Golden Bridge stance for just 5-minutes then you will be rewarded with 1-month free training.

I'm looking to pass on the Shaolin Arts to just 12 dedicated students this term.
If you think you have what it takes then I would like to hear from you.

Sifu Tim Franklin

Improve Mental Clarity

increase your energy

attain peak performance


Very few people have the opportunity to train genuine, high level, internal martial arts today. Most want a quick fix and lack the dedication required to master an art that improves mental clarity, builds internal force (chi) that can be applied to everything you do, and be able to defend yourself using genuine Shaolin Kung Fu.

Even fewer people are willing to spend the time in Golden Bridge to develop the internal force that brings inner peace, spiritual joy and resilience.

I am not looking for those people. I am looking for 12 dedicated students to pass on what I have learnt, so they in turn can get the benefits that come with the foremost martial art ever developed. Are you the person I have been looking for?

If you are then book your place and come for the free try out lesson in Bognor Regis on 13th May at 8pm. Sit in the Golden Bridge Horse Stance for just 5-minutes and you will prove yourself worthy of teaching for free for 1-month. Train as you are taught then you have yourself a Shaolin teacher worthy of the arts.


This is how it works:

Once you have booked your place for the try out Waltham House Arts & Wellbeing Centre, I'll introduce you to the foundation of Shaolin Kung Fu training, including how to practice the Golden Bridge Horse Stance. You'll have some time to get used to it, as well as seeing Shaolin Kung Fu in action. Then it's time for your challenge!

The rules are simple. You'll need to sit in Golden Bridge for 5-minutes. Pass this and you get 1-month free training. You'll get three attempts and I will be the fair judge.

If for some reason you do not manage to sit in the stance for 5-minutes (which is the minimum required time to pass the level 1 course) you may still be able to join the class the following week. I am only looking to teach 12 dedicated students this term, so all you need to do is demonstrate you are dedicated.

I hope you are the person I am looking to pass these arts on to. I will give you all the encouragement and support you need.

The first and most important part is to book your place and try it.

So, if you are ready, fill in your details below and I'll see you there.


Towncross Avenue,
PO21 2DS


Book your place for the free tryout and opportunity to train Shaolin Kung Fu FREE for 1-Month in Bognor Regis

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