4-Weeks Shaolin Arts Class


Shaolin Kungfu, Zen-Yoga, Qigong and Zen.
Weekly Shaolin Arts Training for Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Development.
Classes are online. Once you have booked for the class you will be sent a zoom link for the next available class.



Weekly Shaolin Arts Classes on Monday’s 7 – 8.30 pm (GMT)

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Shaolin has a rich history, benefitting from thousands of years of self-practice and excellence. And also a profound understanding of the way the mind-body-energy systems work.

This means that from the many approaches that influenced, informed and developed from the Shaolin arts, you will have the opportunity to practice:

  • Dao Yin (Chinese yoga)
  • Zen Yoga (developed from yoga)
  • Qigong (Art of developing energy)
  • Shaolin Kungfu (Martial arts)
  • Neigong (The way of advanced Qigong)
  • Neidan (Taoist Inner Cultivation)

The weekly class practice will include Yoga, Dao Yin, Qigong, Stances and aspects of Kung Fu. The practice also helps prepare you for more in-depth and advanced training, and get the benefits along the way.

Expected benefits of Shaolin Arts

  • your body increases flexibility
  • health, resilience, and stamina are improved
  • emotions are more stable
  • energy is increased
  • and mental clarity develops

Whatever your level of fitness or skill, you are ready and welcome to join.

The classes guide you step-by-step and are open to complete beginners to advanced. As it traditionally was with new students, you start at the beginning. That means you won’t miss any of the important fundamental techniques or skills required for both foundation training, and advanced training.

Shaolin is for everyone

You also do not need to be particularly interested in fighting to benefit from the Shaolin arts, as the training is broad and deep. Some people choose to develop their skills in Qigong and Yoga, whilst others enjoy the challenges and benefits of Kungfu and combat training.

Whatever path you choose, you will learn how to deal with conflict, stress and tension better, which many people agree, is a worthwhile pursuit and practice.


£80 for 4-weeks / 1.5hr lessons Online (paid in advance).


I look forward to sharing the benefits and beauty of the Shaolin arts with you.

Sifu Tim Franklin