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‘Junior Warriors’ promotes non-violent, safe practice and development of Kung Fu skills and application for 6-11 yrs in Barnham, West Sussex.

Doing our part in helping our children be happier and healthier in an ever changing world?

We teach Junior Warriors the Shaolin Arts in a non-violent and useful way to create less harm for ourselves and others.
We know that training in martial arts can lead to self discipline, calmness, focus, confidence and good health. We also know that it can be taught in a non-violent way to help the child develop the right skills to do their best in life.
We find this approach works on a real-world, everyday level - and it’s great fun for the kids too!

Term Times

September 5th to 16th October - 7 weeks - £35
Half Term Break 23rd October
Return 30th October to 20th November - 4 weeks - £20

I will then be away teaching/training in Malaysia until we start again in the New Year.

If you are joining us part the way through a term you only pay for the lessons remaining.

Junior Warriors

Making the world a better place through our children

As parents ourselves we appreciate that it is not always easy, for the child or the parent, to deal with the challenges we face. At the most basic level we just want the best for our children, we want them to grow up being healthy, happy and to have the right tools and skills to do their best in life. That’s where Junior Warriors can really help. We take all the wonderful energy of your kids and channel it into the practice of Kung Fu.

Naturally each child is different, some might have so much energy, at home or school, that they are literally bouncing off the walls. Others struggle with an apparent lack of confidence, which can affect their ability to socialise with other children or apply themselves to new challenges. Some have difficulty in concentrating or have anger issues. All of these issues seem to fade away and normalise as a result of the practice, as it has done for countless others over the centuries.

How does it work?

First of all they will have great fun! We want the kids to have fun. Having fun is a great way for kids to explore and test their boundaries, channel their energy or frustrations and overcome inhibitions, like shyness, an apparent lack of self-confidence or physical abilities. It is also a great way of keeping them engaged and excited about the next weeks training.

Are there belts and tests?

There are no belts in our system, with Shaolin Kungfu we have levels. Once a child demonstrates the ability to go to the next level they will tested to see if they are ready to move on. There are 12 levels. 

What if I have concerns about my child?

If you have any concerns we are happy to make the time to talk it over. It is important that you are also part of this journey, so it is good to understand the changes as well as the challenges.

What goes on in a class?

The classes are made up of a number of parts which takes the child on a journey of developing skills. The class starts with Chi Kung practice, which is the training on body, mind, energy. Students then learn and practice traditional Kungfu forms, including Kungfu sets. This usually involves stances, kicks or hand forms. Each working on various aspects and skills like strength, balance, poise, flexibility, co-operation. Using these skills we play a martial arts game, putting the skill into action. This creates less struggle and tension in the child and helps them be more engaged and at ease. They will also learn the Lion Dance.

What effect will it have?

Junior Warriors is the practice of a martial art, but it does not encourage the development of aggression or fighting. The Shaolin and Wudang arts are excellent systems of self-defence, but we would rather put the skills to better use then just learning how to fight. Better learn how to defend themselves in a calm manner so they don’t have to fight or deal with stressful situations with a clear mind. The effect this can have is quite profound. Rather than build locked up energy the arts help release and channel the energy. The result is that the child feels calmly more confident and more ok with themselves and others.

Applying Kung Fu to life...

Focussing too much on form can sometimes lead to frustrations, especially if the child isn’t getting it the way or as quickly as they think they should. Children and people have different ways and rates of learning and this needs to be taken into consideration so the child can feel good about themselves, rather than feel that they are not good enough.

Whilst we encourage correct form and movement, it is more important that your child gets the benefit from the practice they have learnt. We know that techniques lead to skills and skills lead to benefits. It’s like only knowing the technique (form) of driving doesn’t make you a good driver, this takes practice and skill. Junior Warriors learn how to take what they have learnt and apply the skill into everyday life. Then they get the benefit, as do you. We feel this is important and equips the child for life.

The practice of Shaolin and Wudang Kung Fu help to develop:

Flexibility. Balance. Core Strength. Self-Discipline. Self-Confidence. Focus and Concentration

Learning kindness, not aggression. Shaolin and Wudang Kung Fu teach how to develop patience, kindness, discipline, respect, as well as how to overcome aggression and avoid violence. Breathing techniques are taught to help calm emotions and channel energy.

Shaolin and Wudang Kung Fu Promote Harmony
Shaolin and Wudang Kung Fu are traditional martial arts. We teach how to handle bullies and strangers and how to avoid using fighting or aggression as the answer to problems. As a path to self-development students learn how to avoid causing harm to themselves or others. We also teach good rules behaviour; right thought, right speech, right action. The Way of the Warrior is encouraged both inside and outside class.

Lion Dance
Not only is Kung Fu excellent for developing and realising health and happiness, it is also great fun! The Lion Dance has a history of over 2000 years and the Junior Warriors will learn this great art, including drumming, music and dancing. It is a true spectacle and joy for the children to put on a show, as well as enjoying the many benefits of practising it.

Where is it?
Junior Warriors is at Barnham Community Hall on Tuesday’s 4-5pm. For more information click on the ‘Join Junior Warrior Class' button on this page

Junior Warriors is open to 6-11yrs

The Shaolin and Wudang Arts help develop skills required to live a rewarding, happy, healthy life.

Barnham Community Hall, Yapton Road, Barnham, West Sussex PO22 0AY

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