Sifu Tim and Sifu Wong Kiew Kit Happy Qi Gong

Sifu Tim Franklin

My introduction to martial arts was more than 35 years ago, and as a child I was fascinated by how the masters were so healthy, vibrant with energy, courageous yet humble and also kind and helpful to others. As a young boy, I suffered with clinical childhood Asthma and was told by a doctor at the time that I wouldn’t be like the other children, that I wouldn’t be able to do sports like normal children. You can imagine the blow to such a young child. But I dreamed of the martial arts masters and that one-day I would become like them: Vibrant with energy, healthy and happy.

After many years of practicing the arts, not only do I have a lot of energy, I am healthy, enjoy and appreciate life, but also I realized just how practical these arts are. I have been using the skills to increase performance, engagement with whatever I do and enjoyment, both professionally and personally. Since 1997 I been running a therapy clinic, using the mind/energy/body systems I have trained in, including; Zero Balancing, Chi Kung and Energy healing and massage therapy.  I am also the founder of A-Way Therapy.
I currently work as an Associate Lecturer of Tai Chi at Chichester University, helping music and drama students benefit from the wonders of Tai Chi for improved resilience and mind/body connection.

Joys of Qi Gong
Shaolin Arts

Based on my work with Paul Cohen, Dr. Fritz Smith (Zero Balancing), Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (Shaolin Wahnam) and Daizan Skinner (ZenWays) I have had a number of experiences, which have led to some direct insights of working with energy systems, in respect to health, martial arts and performance. I use these approaches and systems in the clinic I run in Westergate, West Sussex and London, alongside teaching traditional Shaolin Martial Arts, Qigong and Taijiquan. I am the founder of A-Way Therapy and also one of the co-founders of Fully Alive.