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Shaolin, Wudang & Zen in Bognor Regis

Zen Arts is the local school in Bognor Regis for Shaolin Wahnam, teaching Internal Shaolin and Wudang Arts, including Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan, Qigong and Zen. ’Internal' means you learn and practice at the level of Jing (body), Chi (energy) and Shen (Mind) - The triple unity. If your training lacks any one of these components then your practice is incomplete.

Passing on a legacy

Our aim to continue to preserve and pass on the legacy of genuine arts as taught by our Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

In practicing these traditional arts we experience the many benefits
reported in the ‘classics’, such as increased energy, clearer mind,
overcoming of illnesses, better health, resilience, peace of mind
and a greater connection with the world around us.