Covid19 Care Policy

One of the Shaolin Wahnam policies is 'Saftey First'. That means no matter what you are doing your safety is essential.

During these challenging times, we have tested the preference for both online and in-person classes. It seems that at this time the preferred method for training by the majority is online. This means that as from 2nd November the Shaolin Arts classes will only be available online.

When the time is right the class may return to the dojo, where a strict Covid19 care policy is used.


The New Park Centre have introduced a strict policy to help ensure your care.


Your safety is paramount, so stringent entry, exit and cleaning rules have been introduced at the New Dojo, including a one-way system for entry and exit.


  • All training areas and touchpoints will be cleaned before and after the classes using local authority approved cleaning products.


  • Temperature checks at the door before entry.


  • Public Hand Sanitisers are provided in the training hall or adjacent to entry points.


  • You will be required to wear yoga or grip socks for your training sessions, as no barefoot training will be allowed on the mats.


  • The number of students will be limited to ensure social distancing and necessary precautions are taken. So prior booking and payment for the classes are essential.


  • Students will not be permitted if not prebooked and agreeing to the Covid19 Safety Care Policy.


  • You will need to bring your personal yoga mat.
  • Long hair should be tied up.


  • Contact details of all students will be taken for tracking and safety purposes.


  • Students will be asked to report if they have, or have had contact with anyone with Covid19 symptoms.


  • Changing rooms will be not available, so please come ready to train.


  • There will be restrictive use of toilets.
  • Masks to be worn in communal passageways.


I appreciate that coming back to a class can be a concern for some people, and you may want to chat over any concerns you have before joining. If this is the case for you then please do email me at and I will try and help set your mind at rest (even if you decide not to join at this time).