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Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Therapy

For a long time I was put off practicing Yoga, mainly due to the focus being on big stretches and poses that no longer suited my flexibility or interest. Instead, I focussed my efforts on training and teaching the Shaolin Arts, including Chi Kung and Taijiquan. What I really wanted was a gentle form of Yoga that could give me all the great benefits of practicing Yoga, without the big stretches and gymnastics. Then I met up with my long time friend and Zero Balancer teacher - Paul Cohen (Founder of Bone Yoga). 

Bone Yoga introduced me to another way of working with the body, joints, bones and the relationship of energy flow that was in harmony with my current understanding and practices. Once started I was hooked, and have not looked back.

Since then I have been working closely with Paul in developing Bone Yoga Therapy, which now forms part of A-Way Therapy. A-Way Therapy incorporates a number of highly specialised and recognised healing approaches into an elegant, adaptable, versatile and unique Body Mind Therapy.


The focus of Bone Yoga is our skeletal system, our bones, joints and ligaments, including the energetic and emotional vibrations that are held within the bones. 

Bone Yoga incorporates a number of gentle movement sequences that focuses on and engages the joints. Particular importance is placed on the range of motion of the joints which is determined by the architecture of the joint itself and the tension and vibration in the ligaments. 

The yoga and gentle somatic movements are all well within the easeful range of motion of our joints. For many this will give a new dimension of safety and stability to yoga.

Bone Yoga

The slow, mindful engagement in Bone Yoga, allows the opportunity to feel and to adjust the way we move and to introduce clearer patterns of movement in the body. This has the potential to change old default physical and any associated emotional patterns.

Bone Yoga can help to improve our relationship with body mechanics, ease our postural alignment and help with ease of movement.

Bone Yoga

Bone Yoga


The main focus in Bone Yoga is the skeletal system.

We explore the movement of our joints and their relations with each other.

We look at the relationship of opposing forces and gravitational forces.

We recognise the importance of the breath, the mind and movement as three partners working together.

Our bones or our “bone energy”, is related to who we are, our core essence. 

I like to think of Bone Yoga as an exploration and an opportunity of discovery. 

Bone Yoga is a mindful, restful and restorative, and has been beautifully described as "Yoga from the inside out."

Bone Yoga word board

"Bone yoga provides a sequence of postures that follow the ZB protocol. The choice of postures creates fulcrums and points of held stillness so that all the major and immovable joints are given attention throughout the sequence. The order of the exercises follows the same pattern as that in a Zero Balancing session, so the rhythm and effect of the practice and a session are similar – deep relaxation. Practicing this yoga sequence with attention on the skeleton and bones provides a deep, satisfying, grounding and meditative experience. It is very embodied, gentle and stable. It provides the practitioner a core experience of their bones and structure, whilst being able to mindfully engage fulcrums in their own body. This is a great practice for a Zero Balancing practitioner to ‘get into their own bones', as well as for a client who wants to prolong the cumulative effects of Zero Balancing through their own practice.

Paul Cohen has synthesised his expansive body knowledge to offer a great contribution to both the practitioner of yoga and Zero Balancing." SezzaJai, Cert ZB.

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