8 Shaolin Eye Exercises

With more time spent on screens, your eyes are taking the strain.

These 8 simple Shaolin eye exercises will help you.

Not only the Eye Techniques are highly effective, they are also safe to be practised on your own without a master's supervision. These wonderful Shaolin Eight Eye Techniques are as follows. All the exercises are performed while standing upright in a relaxed manner. Those too weak to stand may sit upright.

Practice once every morning. At first, start with Technique 1 and complete with Techniques 7 and 8. After about a week or two of daily practice, add Technique 2, then Technique 3, and so on. Then practice all the Eight Techniques in that order in one session.

Like all other chi kung exercises, these Shaolin Eight Eye Techniques are not just for those with eye problems. Those with healthy eyes will also gain many benefits from these techniques. Not only their eyesight is good (even at an elderly age), but also their spirit is fresh. The saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul is not just poetically but also factually true.