1500 year Lineage

Our school has a close lineage dating back to the Southern Shaolin Temple, in Quan Zhou, China, where these arts were originally taught. We follow a traditional code of practice for the benefit of the students and preservation of the arts.

Shaolin Grandmaster

Our Sifu, Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit has dedicated his life to keeping alive and passing on genuine Energy Arts. At over 70 years old he is a living example of the efficacy of these practices. Over the last 50 years has taught more than 60,000 students in over 35 countries.

Qi Gong

Effective Teaching

As a result he has honed his ability to pass these practices on in a simple, effective and practical way - helping people regain their good health, and giving vitality, longevity, mental clarity, peak performance and spiritual joy. We have been given the honor of doing our part in preserving and passing on these arts.


Shaolin Lineage