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Way of the Shaolin Warrior Training

‘The Way of the Shaolin Warrior’ is a fun way to bring balance to life; increasing agility, mental freshness and building the skills for martial application.

The ‘Way of the Shaolin Warrior’ classes develop the benefits that come with training in a traditional martial art system, such as: fitness, mental clarity, ability to cope better with stress, having lots of energy and feel a zest for life.

You don’t have to have any experience in training these or any other martial arts or yoga systems before, you just need to want to have fun, get fit and feel good.

You’ll be training traditional Kung Fu methods to build strength, speed and agility, including: Horse Stance, Moving in Stances, Balance training, Agility exercises , Flexibility training Resistance training, Kettle Bells,Tiger Claw training, Golden Bell training, Pad work, Martial Application, Sparring (optional), Weapon Training and more...

Shaolin Kung Fu
Qi Gong

The ‘Way of the Shaolin Warrior’ makes getting and staying fit fun, regardless of your age. Even if you are not interested in learning a martial art for fighting, you’ll find the traditional training methods of Shaolin Kung Fu extremely rewarding. It builds core strength, confidence and agility. Our Grandmaster (Wong Kiew Kit) is in his 70’s now and can run up flights of stairs without panting and spar with us for hours without being tired. He is living proof that these arts increase the quality and enjoyment of life.

Shaolin Warrior Training increases fitness, wellbeing and includes the external and internal training of the Shaolin Arts. It will contain the martial side of the Shaolin Warrior training, such as how not to get hit, kicked or thrown or put in a lock. This is very useful and fulfils our ’safety first policy’. As part of this you will also learn how to hit, kick, throw and put someone in a lock.

Is this just another fitness class?
NO. It is an excellent way to get and stay fit though, plus you’ll be training the physical and internal saspects of Shaolin Kung Fu with traditional training methods. Some dating back over 1500 years, so it’s going to be interesting!

Sifu Tim Franklin Golden Bell Training
Carrying Water Kung Fu

Sparring is a way to confirm you have developed the skill though, not a method designed to get hit. As a Shaolin Warrior you will learn how to develop excellent reflexes and defence. This in itself develops mental clarity. 

Shaolin Kung Fu

"Can this class be used to enhance my fighting skills?"
Yes it can. Shaolin Kung Fu has been practiced for around 1500 years as a martial art system and has been used by some of the best martial warriors the world has ever produced. 

Can this class be used to enhance my fighting skills? Yes it can. Shaolin Kung Fu has been practiced for around 1500 years as a martial art system and has been used by some of the best martial warriors the world has ever produced.

Techniques in these classes will be limited to a smaller number than the full program, which teaches the internal Chi training aspect as well as more sophisticated patterns. This in itself can help a person become extremely efficient and skilled in applying the Shaolin Art for fighting, doing away with the traditional sets and multiple patterns which can take a person longer to master. So in these classes you will master a few techniques that work really well. This will help you develop the skills. It also makes it much easier for people that struggle to learn long sequence of movements.

What are the benefits of this training? There are plenty of benefits of coming to the 'Way of the Shaolin Warrior’ classes. Benefits that can be applied to your daily life, such as being able to cope with stressful situations, having a clearer mind to solve problems and issues, to be able to stay emotionally balanced whilst under pressure, having great fitness to go on long walks, climb a mountain or run around with your kids or even grandchildren!

You’ll also enjoy the subtle joys of life much better, including your friends, partner and family. So there is plenty of reasons why you should train the ‘Way of the Shaolin Warrior’.


‘Way of the Shaolin Warrior’

Applying for Training

Training The Way of  the Shaolin Warrior is not for everyone. It takes commitment, daily training and years of dedication to attain mastery.

We are looking to pass these precious arts onto deserving students. Students who are prepared to 'empty their cup', follow instructions of the teacher and train diligently to achieve the outcomes and benefits.

If this is you, then please apply with your details and why you want to train these arts.


Fee: £80 per 4-weeks training

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